May 17 General Meeting

and Spring Membership Show Critique

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Our Spring Membership Show concluding critique will be by Sandie Bacon, a local professional artist known to many of us. She will spend 3-4 minutes discussing each of our 20 entries, and will award three ribbons: Best of Show and First Place through Second Place. The catalog she will be using for her discussion is different than ours in that she will be able to significantly enlarge the digital images of our art to discuss details and technique.

Sandie is a classically trained specialist in acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, and her artwork is based on a very real draughtsmanship, with emphasis on texture, movement and color. She says she is “inspired by direct observation/gesture with layers of images of the human imprint.” Sandie teaches workshops and lectures She for Golden Paints and Silver Brush, and works on lesson plans for Grafix (craft plastic film) for colleges, artist groups and retail stores. She paints murals in both public spaces (restaurants, grocery stores, designer showrooms, museums) and in private residences, and is a scenic charge artist for the Citadel Theater.

“I am influenced by cross cultural mythology, literature, popular culture and the natural world. I always go back to gesture drawing and painting from life as a way to capture an intuitive sense of identity. In my painted sculpture and installations, I refer to the natural world and environment. I am also drawn to materials: rust, grit, transparencies and reflections, and the myriad of ways to work with paints.”

See Jeff Harold’s brief Zoom interview with Sandi Bacon, where she talks about her background and the type of things she looks for as a judge:!ArDtwvqZrMflvDtoKAQfu4MGF18V?e=SQfq13 Sandie shows in galleries nationwide and is included in corporate collections such as the William Blair Foundation and the Chicago Department of the Environment, and has a piece in Bill Clinton’s Harlem office..

She has also won numerous public art commissions including recently at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, and Chicago Sculpture International. She has a BFA in fine arts /literature from Johnston College in Redlands, California and an MFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Md. She lived in NYC for 12 years where she worked as an artist in the schools for Project LEAP, and was on the board for CityArts Workshop.

A Zoom recording of the critique will be available shortly after the presentation

To view all the entries, download here