Oliver Merriam is LCAL President-Elect

Oliver is new to leadership roles in the art league and is thus unknown to a lot of our members, so here is some background. To the right is a photograph of Oliver and his wife Joan, also a LCAL member.

Below is an “artistic journey” statement used in his 2015 solo show at the Jack Benny Center. To that he adds that he had stints as a city manager (not around Chicago), a not-for-profit association executive, and a community manager, and has been retired for many years.

Exhibits & Member News

Legacy Collection Program Approved

The art league board of directors approved Thom Kapheim’s proposed Legacy Collection program at its May meeting. The art league will protect, preserve and exhibit significant works of art from Lake County artists for the benefit of future generations. Works will be accumulated from donations and from families or artists themselves. These artists do not need to have been affiliated with the art league.

Those donating art will be required to have it framed and ready for hanging. They must then sign a release for transferring ownership to the collection unconditionally. Once art is catalogued as part of our Legacy Collection it will be exhibited at various commercial and government venues. These will be asked to donate to the project to pay some of the collection’s operating expenses.

The collection’s program costs will otherwise become part of the LCAL budget. For two years the art will be stored at no cost in Thom and Carol Kapheim’s leased Waukegan building, after which there will be a commercial storage cost of about $70 per month.

Thom Kapheim will serve as the first Chairman of a committee in charge of administering the collection as part of Lake County Art League. He will keep the Board of Directors and thus the art league informed monthly either in person at a board meeting or by email. Member volunteers will be needed to serve on the committee, screen possible donations and oversee displays of the art.

Winners of the September General Meeting competition

Presenter Lisa Corbett awarded the following artists:
• Debbie Kalinowski for a Pastel titled “Spring Bird.”
• Les Scott for a Scratch Board piece titled “Stars & Stripes with the Universe.”
• Jim McDonough for a Watercolor titled “Wisconsin River.”

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