On The Wall - call to check for availability. 

The site managers are:
Jack Benny Center - Chris Tanner at 847-340-0275 or chrisetanner@sbcglobal.net
Locations in Antioch - Ken Lutgen at 224-330-7592 or kenglutgen@icloud.com
Family Piano - Dylan Blake at 847-533-3990 or dylanjblake7@gmail.com
Undercroft Gallery - Ali Albakri at 224-381-0321 (text message preferred)
Notes for the above:
[1] JBC is part the Waukegan Park District. NA = Not Available, FMS = Fall Membership Show, SMS = Spring Membership Shows.
[2] See news below.
[3] Family Piano has only recently been seeking art to display in their windows. They can be contacted directly, but until the business and the art league understand each other's needs it's best to first contact Dylan Blake for instructions on how to proceed.
[4] This opportunity coincides with the June 1 Dandelion Wine Fine Arts Festival in front of the Jack Benny Center. Setup can be as early as Tuesday May 21.