Lake County Plein Air Group 2020 Schedule

LCAL plein air activity is changing significantly. Winter and early spring sessions have been dropped because they require excessive set up, scheduling is now shared between Chris Tanner and Deb Edmunds, and our Facebook presence is being expanded. The goal is still the same as when this was started in 2006: have an ongoing and exciting experience that gives the art league visibility in the community and helps all artists – not just our members – experiment with spontaneous expression. As before, each session concludes with discussion of what worked and what didn’t, but there is no instruction and no fee. As before, the group is open to painting, drawing and photography.
Deb will handle Facebook notifications, and Chris will handle e-mail notifications. Chris will make arrangements for about half the scheduled sessions and Deb will handle the remainder. Each of us will lead the sessions he or she has arranged. Here’s our planned list of plein air sessions:


2020 TBD

The list is necessarily preliminary, as it may be adjusted to resolve conflicts with other events or with Chris and Deb’s personal schedules. Deb says “I will do a few more sessions if the weather is good and I have time. These I will do at several of the forest preserves. If I have one that I do at the last minute, I will give 3-6 days advance notice. All notices will be posted on our Facebook events page and sent to members and non-members via email.” Deb feels that Facebook is the key to building plein air discussions with Lake County artists. We will contact everyone on our 270-artist e-mail list and encourage them to join "Lake County Art League Plein Air Group" on Facebook.

Upcoming PleinAir

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