Photographing your work

• Images of work must be approximately 2 MB in any format. We will change that to JPG, crop the edges and adjust brightness. We will not adjust saturation or contrast. Here are some tips for using a smartphone:

• Square up the piece. Make sure you don’t distort it by photographing from an irregular angle.

• Photograph in natural daylight for the best color match. Try laying the piece flat on the ground outside (driveway, sidewalk, deck) and photographing from above (you may need to stand on a chair). Cloudy days are best.

• Nearly fill the frame of the camera with the desired image to get maximum pixel density.

• Take multiple shots and pick the best one.

• If you are emailing from your phone and are prompted to choose the image size, choose the largest option available (usually called “actual size”or “original size”.

Check-in for the Virtual Fall Membership Show

Oct 4 thru 10

Now is the time to once again think about your submission for the Fall Membership Show, which always starts with a check-in in very early October. We cannot crowd into the Jack Benny Theatre for a critique during a pandemic, however, so we must do this virtually. Below is a comparison of how we have always done the Fall Membership Show in the past, as opposed to how we will do it this fall. (taken from the Sept. Sketches)

•The critique artist is a local professional artist recruited by our Presentations chairperson or team, and will need no special equipment beyond a laptop that includes both a camera and a microphone.

•A “check-in form” will replace the release form, and will also include image size and optional comments explained below. There is no longer any potential liability to be released from.

•Participating members e-mail their form and image to the On-The-Wall chairperson Chris Tanner during the first full week of October, Sunday October 4 through Saturday October 10, but we would prefer approximately 2 MB.

•Images with key information and comments for 4-6 artists will be shared with members each Monday until the critique

•The critique artist will receive images and form data one week before the critique.

•The Zoom critique and awards, effectively a voice-over PowerPoint or slide show, will be on the evening of the third Monday of November. Day and time may be changed once we survey the membership.

•Zoom also allows us to record the critique. That record will be available to members on our web site for one year, beginning the day after the critique. It will also be available to the public.​

Upcoming LCAL Meetings​​

October 4-10, E-mail Check-in for Fall Membership Show

October General Meeting and Demonstration, dates and times TBA, but around the third Monday of the month.

November General Meeting and Critique, date and time TBA, but around the third Monday of the month. This will be a Zoom meeting.

December Holiday Break

January General Meeting and Demonstration, dates and times TBA, but around the third Monday of the month. This will be a Zoom meeting​

The purpose of this League is to create more interest in art in Lake County, Illinois and to develop a higher appreciation of visual art. It shall do this through art exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of art techniques, lectures, critiques and sharing of ideas, inspiration and encouragement between members.

Sept. 2020 Sketches

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Legacy Collection Program

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