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May 2019 Sketches

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May Critique –
Our May 20 General Meeting will be in the theatre of the Jack Benny Center for the Arts in Waukegan, where artist Steve Jones will critique each of the 34 pieces submitted in the Spring Membership Show.
His critique will run from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, and refreshments will be served during a break. Art pieces were checked in April 6 and through the following week, and a show catalog was sent to members April 15 via e-mail. The JBC keeps a stack of catalogs in the hall.

Steve Jones is very familiar to many of our members because he used to teach at CLC. He studied painting in Paris for several years in Patrick Betaudier’s Atelier Neo-Medici, where he learned the Technique Mixte. This method of painting uses a solid tempera underpainting with subsequent oil glazes, similar to the 15th Century Flemish approach. Like the Flemish and Dutch masters, Jones paints still-life art in a highly realistic manner. He often quotes Renoir: “Being a good craftsman never stopped anyone from being a genius.” Jones explains that good craftmanship is understanding the medium and the materials employed. “It comes naturally through time and persistence. For example, a painter will develop an understanding of each tube color on their palette. They will know which colors are transparent or opaque, or which colors mix well together.”

Jones is a member of the International Guild of Realism and has exhibited in numerous guild shows in galleries throughout the United States. For thirty years Jones served as curator of the College of Lake County’s Wright Gallery. He also taught painting and drawing classes during that time at CLC.

LCAL has made an important change in its membership shows. As before, the show catalog correlates the piece numbers with the artist, title, price and contact phone number, but now a special catalog is made for the critique artist. This is an “as-hung” version to help the artist track and share impressions. It starts with a piece next to the theatre and then proceeds through the Benny Center walls in a counter-clockwise direction. Art will then be brought to the stage on May 20 in close to the as-hung order, an improvement initiated by Skip Wiese at our Fall Membership Show.

Thanks go out to our volunteers. Gail Bassner and Carole Otis checked in the art, and the show was hung by Anne Anderson and Les Scott. (Anne notes that recently varnished works were sticky.) Linda Kollacks will emcee the show, and she will be helped by art wranglers yet to be recruited. Want to be a wrangler? Contact Chris Tanner at 847-340-0275 or chrisetanner@sbcglobal.net.

The purpose of this League is to create more interest in art in Lake County, Illinois and to develop a higher appreciation of visual art. It shall do this through art exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of art techniques, lectures, critiques and sharing of ideas, inspiration and encouragement between members.

Upcoming LCAL Meetings​​

Monday May 20 LCAL Spring Membership Show Closing Critique
Jack Benny Center, 7:00-9:00 pm

Monday, June 17
General Meeting
State Bank of the Lakes, 7:00 pm

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July & August

Monday, Sept. 17

General Meeting 
State Bank of the Lakes, 7:00 pm