January Presentation by Ricard McFarland.

The January 21 presentation at the State Bank of the Lakes will be by artist and former LCAL member Ricard McFarland. Richard is known to us through his 2007 book Grandfather's Wrinkles, Flashlight Press, written by Kathryn England and illustrated by him. Thus, he will speak with us about “Illustrating Children’s Books.”
Flashlight Press is a publishing house was set up in 2005 to “explore and illuminate the touching and humorous moments of family situations and social interactions.” In this book Lucy and her grandfather are the focus of this poignant and warm story which teaches that wrinkles are badges of happiness rather than signs of age. Lucy asks Granddad,
“Why doesn't your skin fit you? It’s all crinkly,” to which he replies, “Those crinkles are called wrinkles,” each of which he got when he smiled especially big. As Lucy traces Granddad’s joy-filled face, he describes his memories and shares the cause of each line—his wedding day, Lucy’s mother’s birth, precious moments from her childhood, and Lucy’s birth, among others.
One Amazon reviewer wrote “My four-year-old has made some really funny comments to her grandmothers about their wrinkles. She told my poor mother that she would surely die the day after tomorrow, she was so wrinkled. (And she's really not!) The remarks provided never ending fodder for family jokes, so when I stumbled across this title and took a peek inside, I had to get the book. I gave it to my daughter on her birthday and told the grandparents as she was unwrapping it that it was a party game called ‘Who can read this without crying?’ My Dad read it aloud and we adults all got weepy - the story is just so amazingly sweet. It reaffirms the beauty and preciousness of age.” Richard McFarland worked for many years as a retouch artist for a large printer in Chicago, and more recently as a portrait painter. He and his friends and family modeled for this book. He lives in Huntley, Illinois, and is a grandfather of course.

Upcoming LCAL Meetings​​

Monday Jan. 21  7:00 - 9:00pm

State Bank of the Lakes - Grayslake

The purpose of this League is to create more interest in art in Lake County, Illinois and to develop a higher appreciation of visual art. It shall do this through art exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of art techniques, lectures, critiques and sharing of ideas, inspiration and encouragement between members.

Legacy Collection Program

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January 2019 Sketches

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Call to Artists
Lake County Art League Member Show

at the Perkowitz Art Studio
The Perkowitz Art Studio is pleased to announce a member show for Lake County Art League members. We are excited to highlight local artistic talent to the public and create a larger interest in the artistic community of Lake County. All art works will go through a jury process and selected pieces will be displayed at Perkowitz Art Studio for sale during the exhibit.
LCAL Member Show Dates: 
February 4 through February 22, 2019
Opening Night: 
Friday, February 8, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Public invited, Refreshments will be provided  (wine, drinks and light appetizers)

How to submit to show jury
Email application due by January 16, 2019

Please send one email including:
• A maximum of 5 artwork images for consideration to perkowitz@mac.com
• Include a description of the artistic media, size, year produced, and price for each piece submitted for review.
• Include an artistic resume of past exhibits and an artist statement
• All artwork selected for displayed needs to be framed and/or otherwise presented in a professional manner.

All artwork must be offered for sale during the exhibit.
Each artist selected will sign a consignment agreement with Perkowitz Art Studio splitting any sales 65% artist / 35 % gallery. Please price works accordingly.
Each artist selected will receive a conditions report for each piece accepted to the show.

Drop off for selected artwork

February 1, 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm and February 2, 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm, or as arranged with gallery.