September 2019 Sketches

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September Meeting –

Featured presenter artist Chuck Keller presents his Northwest Coast Native American art. The art form uses continually tapering formlines, ovoids, U-shapes, S-shapes, and eye, hand or claw depictions are particularly characteristic of this art, as are those of nose or eyebrows. Color is generally limited to black, red and blue-green in that order of preference. It does not convey perspective and rarely displays any overlapping of the design elements. The subjects are limited to animals or supernatural beings either for decorative purposes or as crest symbols.
The degree of realism of the art can range from generally recognizable to near total abstraction. Symbolic ambiguity is common.
A whale figure, for example, may incorporate design elements that are clearly associated with another creature, such as a raven. Human faces or figures may also be included as a representation of a human association or spirit aspect of the animal that is portrayed.
The unique elements of this art make balanced, coherent compositions difficult, and that’s what drives Chuck at this point. His works are brush paintings on paper, using archival ink. “My art does not always adhere to all of the characteristics associated with this system of art. However, the appeal of the traditional art of Northwest Coast Native Americans, while it is in some respects limiting, is for me unique an offers many opportunities and challenges.”

Fall Membership Show Check-in Saturday, October 5

 The Fall Membership Show check-in time will be 10-1:00 on October 5. That may be a month away, but it’s time to start planning your entry.

The David Adler Music and Arts Center will review the show and invite five artists to display eight pieces at a February Invitational Show. As before, those invitations will be based only on the one piece of art submitted.

The purpose of this League is to create more interest in art in Lake County, Illinois and to develop a higher appreciation of visual art. It shall do this through art exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of art techniques, lectures, critiques and sharing of ideas, inspiration and encouragement between members.

Upcoming LCAL Meetings​​

Monday, Sept. 16

General Meeting 
State Bank of the Lakes, 7:00 pm

Dues Due
Membership dues are to be paid at or before our September general meeting. They are $20 per full time student, $35 per individual and $45 per family.
Make checks payable to the Lake County Art League.

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