​​Thoughts from the LCAL president –

We are inclusive. From the academically trained professional to the weekend dabbler, your Art League includes members of various gifts and interests. Initially we were more exclusive, and putative artists were required to measure up to peer judgment before becoming an “artist member.” Those whose work did not pass muster with the Executive Board were designated “patrons,” and these remained in the lower membership status until their submitted work was brought up to snuff. But that was long ago. Today, our membership includes all who share our interest in art, and all who share our purpose in developing a higher appreciation of visual art. While our focus has remained constant, our locus had broadened over the years; we have matured from being a Waukegan centered group, to being inclusive of all of Lake County and beyond. Our active members come from Lake Zurich and Antioch, Zion to Lake Forest. You don’t have to be a resident of Lake County to be a Lake County Art League member. Please invite prospective members to attend our activities and to see for themselves the value of membership. Our membership dues are quite reasonable; our dues are lower than other art organizations in our area; and we require no commitment of time to remain an active member. Time is an especially scarce resource for working people. What we offer are opportunities to attend demonstrations by artists who have mastered a variety of art media. We offer free library volumes to those of us who would be self-taught. We provide valuable critiques for those who submit their work for evaluation by qualified instructors. We sponsor plein air activities for outdoor art enthusiasts. Best of all, we offer the good companionship of many like-minded artists. While our membership numbers have been constant in recent years, your Art League will be refreshed and invigorated with the infusion of new people. And when we do find new members in our midst, let’s celebrate them! A word of timely encouragement- who doesn’t welcome that? Be sure to have a few copies of our membership brochure handy, and pass them on to prospects. Members who bring in new members will be recognized with our thanks. Recognition is due to those who have volunteered their time to keep our Art League working. Thanks to Susan Schneider who served for years as our Program Director. Susan was recently 1 Sketches Thoughts from the LCAL president November 6, 2019 replaced by a committee consisting of Roberta Bragg, Jeff Harold and Linda Rodriguez. Thanks to Beth Engle who has served as Treasurer for many years. Chris Tanner produces this newsletter as Corresponding Secretary, and has been serving as the On-the Wall Director. Jack Littlefield is the Board’s Recording Secretary and Mary Neely, a person who gets stuff done, is our Vice President. Membership Directorship is co-chaired by Betty Perri and Leslie Nauta. Our nurture is generously provided by Hospitality Directors, Fran Isaac and Sunny Parenteau. Our Librarian is Debbie Kalinowski, and our website is managed by Phil Schorn. Scholarships and tours are directed by Val Brandner, and legacy art by Thom Kapheim. Past President Ali Abakri is volunteering as Publicity Director and Undercroft Gallery director. Plein air (outdoor art) activities are also directed by Chris Tanner, together with Deb Edmunds. The position of Workshop Director is currently vacant and open to an interested volunteer, as will be the position of President, as yours truly will be put out to pasture this June, by virtue of our Constitution (Article 8). Thanks for the honor of serving you. Happy Holidays, Oliver Steven Merriam Current Lake County Art League President

Upcoming LCAL Meetings​​

Monday, October 21
General Meeting with Demo

Monday, November 18, General Meeting with Critique
Jack Benny Center, 7:00 pm

Fall Membership Show

Closing Critique November 18

The purpose of this League is to create more interest in art in Lake County, Illinois and to develop a higher appreciation of visual art. It shall do this through art exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of art techniques, lectures, critiques and sharing of ideas, inspiration and encouragement between members.


LCAL has created a new program to connect members who might require a ride to a monthly meeting with those who would be willing to provide one. 

Look in the Member News for how to be part of this. 

We Elect Next LCAL President in April Our constitution tells us to do this

every two years, and this time Debbie Kalinowski will chair the election.

She will be helped by Chris Tanner, Oliver Merriam and our many directors.

Contact Debbie at 224-221-1348 or at artbydebbiek@gmail.com

if you too would like to help.

November 2019 Sketches

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Legacy Collection Program

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