June 2017 Sketches

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Our General meeting on June 19 will discuss the power of your art.

We have all found joy in our art, and then occasionally made a precious painting, drawing or photograph that just lifts us up and drives us to do more. Now we have a chance to celebrate all of that that. The Waukegan Arts Council has asked us to join a Waukegan ArtWise initiative to showcase the power of the arts to improve the health and wellbeing of our community. Each year, Waukegan ArtWise brings together artists, cultural and civic organizations, and community members to engage a theme like this. It reaches citizens of all ages through art exhibits, community arts projects, fitness events, parades and festivals, culinary arts events, performances, and more.
Our Board of Directors has committed our September show at the Jack Benny Center to sharing how our art has touched us and others, and the June General Meeting will be an open discussion of how our artists might best do that. For many of our artists it will be a piece or a series of pieces that struck a vein of personal expression. For others it might be a something that expresses an inner piece, or maybe the very energy of life.
A lot of people will be seeing work in this show through the lens of their own feelings about the power of art in all its forms, and they will want to be affected by what you have done. That’s an amazing forum for your work and the work of your art league peers.
There are no rules. There is no obligation to provide titles, explanations, prices or even your name. You can submit an original painting, drawing or photo, a series, a photo of art that you are unable to display, a sketch of art you are working on, a story about a piece of your art that you feel touched others, or maybe an exciting experiment gone wrong. Or it can be something else.
Near the end of August we will check in submittals exactly the same way we check in our spring and fall
member shows, so your work will be secure. A reception will probably be held on Friday September 15,
the kickoff date for Waukegan ArtWise 2017. You will be able to pick up your work any time in late
September, or you can wait until you check in for the Fall Membership Show on October 7.

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LCAL Meeting

State Bank of the Lakes, 7-9:00 pm

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The purpose of this League is to create more interest in art in Lake County, Illinois and to develop a higher appreciation of visual art. It shall do this through art exhibitions, festivals, demonstrations of art techniques, lectures, critiques and sharing of ideas, inspiration and encouragement between members.

Sue Schneider

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Undercroft Gallery